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Fan Fic

Okay I finally got this page done. Keep checking back with me everyweek to read new Fan Fic!!!

~*~I Love You~*~
By Amanda,

 “Erik, you PROMISE you'll be there.” I said to my best-friend, Erik.“Vanessa, have I ever missed any of your recitals?” He said. I smiled.“Still. This is my dream. Erik, I'm gonna be in the nutcracker!”He smiled.Erik and I had been friends since we were 3.

 Now a little about me.
Well, I'm Vanessa Lopez. I'm 18 years old, and I am a dancer. No, not a exotic dancer, but a ballerina type of dancer. I have been dancing since I was 2, so I'm pretty good. My dancing school was putting on THE NUTCRACKER, and I was playing Marie. I have shoulder length brown hair, and dark brown eyes. Okay, I'm short, at 5`1, and I weight 100lbs.

 “OK, I'll call you later, okay?” Erik said.“Okay.”I got out of the car and smiled.
 “Mom! I'm home!” I yelled.“I'm in my room!”I walked in her room. My mom was fastening a earring into her ear.“How was dance?”“Okay..I got the part.”“Really? Oh, Vanessa, I'm so happy for you!”I smiled. “Are you going out with Sam tonight?”“Yes.”I rolled my eyes. I did NOT like my moms boyfriend, Sam Stathem at all.“Mom, when are you gonna realize, I don't like him?” I said.“Honey, I like him. I love him.”I sighed again.“I'm gonna take a shower.”
“Vanessa, sweetie, can't you wait till Sam and I leave?”“Mom!” I yelled.“Okay. Okay.”I walked into my room andput my bag down. I sighed and sat on my bed. I looked at myFathers picture.

   My father had died just a year ago. He was killed on a plane. I missed him so much. I looked at the picture again.My father was picking me up, and throwing me in the air, as he used too when I was a baby. I was smiling like crazy. I remembered when that picture was taken:

 “Vanessa! Come here!” My grandfather yelled to me.I ran to my grandfather.“Go and let me take a picture of you and your father.” He said.“Daddy!” I yelled.“Hey Princess.”He picked my up and threw me in the air. The picture snapped.“Daddy! Do it again!”

 I shook my head out of the flashback. Then I put the picture down, and got a towel, to take my shower.


 I flopped down on the couch with the remote control in my hand.
I groaned and got up to answer the phone.“Hello?” “Hey Ness.”“Erik! Yes I was hoping you'd call. Can you come over? We can have our movie night.”“Yeah, I am gonna come. I was just calling to ask you if I could.” He laughed.“Cool, I'll talk to you in a few.”
 “Erik, are you gonna ask her to snowball or not?” I said.“I want to, Ness, I really do, but it's too hard!” He said. We were not paying attention to TITANIC at all.“Then just do it! Its okay, Erik, I'm sure she's gonna say yes.”He sighed.“I doubt it.”“Even if you don't get a date, I'll go with you like I do every year.”He smiled. “Aren't you getting sick of me yet?”“I've known you my whole life, why would I be sick of you.”He hugged me. “I love ya.”“You too.”He smiled. “Your going with Joey, right?”I nodded. “But..if you don't go, I'll drop my date for you.”“Don't do that.”“I would have to. You're my best friend, Erik.” He smiled

  “ about you call Elaina and ask her.”“NOW?”“Yes.” I picked up the phone and dialed Elaina Juss’s phone number. “Hello?” “Hello, is Elaina there?” “One sec..LAINA!” “Hello?” “Hey Elaina, it's Vanessa.” “Oh hey Vanessa, what's up?” “Theirs someone here who wants to talk to you.” Erik gave me a look. “Really? Who?” “Erik Estrada.” “Oh he's so cute!” “Hang on.” I handed the phone to Erik. “What are you doing?!” He whispered I smiled sweetly.He rolled his eyes. “Hello?…Hey….yeah…haha…um yeah…Elaina, do you wanna go  to snowball with me?…seriously?…oh awesome…ok…you too…bye.” “OH MY GOD!” He yelled. He laid back and kicked his feet in the air.
 “She said yes!?” “YES!” “Oh my god Erik!” I jumped on him. “Get off of me!” “NO.” “Don't make me tickle you girl.” “NO!” He leaned over and started tickling me. “Get off of me!:” I laughed. He stopped and we continued laughing. “Oh my god Erik.”
 We were watching JAWBREAKER when the phone rang. I leaned over Erik and answered it. “Hello?” “Vanessa?” “Yeah, it's her.” “Vanessa, its Joey.” “Oh hey Joe, what's up? “Um, Vanessa, listen want you to know that I like you an awful lot, and  your real cute and all that but..listen..I can't go to prom with you.” I closed my eyes. “Um..ok..why?” “Listen…me and Maryella got back together.” I sighed. “What?”Erik said. I hung up the phone. Then I put my head in my hands. Tears came. “Vanessa, what did Joey say to you?” “I hope you have fun at prom because I'm not going.” I said. I brushed the  tear away from my eye. “What?” “He and Maryella got back together.” I said. Erik took me and hugged me. “Ness, I'm sorry.” He said. I cried on his shoulder. “I can't believe this Erik omg I cant.” “Shh, ness, I'll drop Elaina for you.” I shook my head. “No, Erik, don't, you just got with her and your going with  her and I'm happy for you I don't want you to do that.” “Vanessa, you're my best friend, I would do that for you.” I shook my head. “No, don't Erik.” He sighed, and hugged me again. “I'm gonna make that guy wish he never had done that.” “No Erik, its okay, I'm okay with`s Joey's life, and his choice.” He took me against him again. “You okay?” He asked. I nodded. “I think I'll be..”
 Just then my mom walked in the door. “Hey, Erik..Vanessa, baby, what's wrong?!” She said coming towards me. I shook my head. Sam was there. She looked to Erik. He looked at me. “You okay, hon?” Sam said putting a hand on my shoulder. I shook his hand  off. “Yes.” I jumped up and walked upstairs. “Vanessa..” Erik said. He followed me. I ran in my room. Erik followed me  and shut the door. I ran to my bed and fell on it. “Nessa, come here.” He said quietly. “No Erik..oh my god..” I said. “Vanessa, calm down, just chill.” Erik said. He took my arms. “oh my god, I hate my  life..” He took me in a hug. “Shh, its okay, it'll be OK, don't cry.” He held me. “I was looking forward to this like crazy, Erik..” “Shh…” He continued to hold me. “God, I just hate my life so much.” “You don't hate your life, Nessa.” “Yes I do..I deserve to die.” “Vanessa Maria Lopez. Don't ever, I never want to hear you say those three  words again. You do NOT deserve to die and that's not gonna happen for a  long, long time.” “I miss my dad so much, Erik, you have no idea.” “I know you do, Vanessa, I know that, I miss mine too…”I sobbed, and he took me too him. “I can't believe my mom. She started dating him right after it was too soon  to start dating someone else right after my dads death.” “Shh.”He held me for a long long time. Finally, when we pulled away, I felt better. “You gonna be okay?”

 “Erik, will you stay here with me for the night?” “OF course I will.  We stood up and walked downstairs. My mom and Sam was sitting on the couch,  making out. “Okay, for one thing, your not a teenager, and for another thing, Mom,  Erik's sleeping here.” I said. “That would be fine, honey.” “Hold on, hold on, your gonna let her have a BOY stay the night here?” Sam spoke up. “Her and Erik have been best friends for a long time, honey.” “Well, I'm not going to have a boy that I don't know sleeping under the roof  of my house.” “Honey, this is Sam's house now.”
“Mom! Erik is my best friend, he has slept over here millions of times since  I was 3 years old!” “Well honey, Sam make's the rules now.” “That's okay, I should get going home now. I'll call you, kay Ness?” He  said.I sighed. “Okay.” He waved and kind of smiled. Then he walked out. “I hate you.” I said. “Vanessa Maria Stathem you come down here right now.” Sam said. I turned around and looked at him. “What did you just call me. “ “Honey, Vanessa's last name is not Stathem. My mom said to Sam. “Well it is now! I'm her father, and I-“ “YOUR NOT MY FATHER! YOU NEVER WILL BE!” I yelled, and ran upstairs. I ran in my room and slammed and locked the door. Then I ran to my bed, and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning with a stomach ache. I sat up, feeling cold and  weird. I have never told my mother that I hated her. We had always been  very close. I rubbed my eye and swung my feet over my bed. I unlocked my  door and walked out. I remembered I had dance that morning. I walked in the  bathroom, and took a shower. I got out, and put my leotard, and gray sweat  pants on. Then I put my hair in a messy bun, and walked downstairs. There was a note on the table.

Went out. Will be back tonight.
Sam & Mom

 I rolled my eyes, and walked in the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of  orange juice and ate a bagel with cream cheese on it. Then I grabbed my dance bag, and walked out. I got in my car, and drove to the studio.

 That afternoon, I drove home. I walked in the house. “3 new messages 3 New messages.” The message machine was saying. I walked to the messages machine. “Message one, sent today at 10:38 AM. “Hey Vanessa, it's Michelle, call me, kay? Bye.” “Message two, sent today at 11:02 AM.” “Vanessa, it's Erik..yeah call me.” “Message three, sent today at 12:01 PM.” “Hi, Honey, it's mom, listen, me and Sam are going to a play tonight so we'll be home at about 7, to get ready , okay? And vanessa..i`m sorry about last night. I love you honey…” I took a breath. I deleted the messages, and called Erik. “Hello?” “Hey, Mrs. Estrada, it's Vanessa.”“Oh hello, honey,how are you?” “I'm okay..” “I heard about what happened..listen honey, I want you to know that if you  ever need a place to come, you can come here.” “Thanks, Mrs. Estrada.” “Your welcome, honey. Here's Erik.” “Thanks.” I sat waiting for him to come to the phone. “Vanessa?” “Hey Erik.” “Hey what's up?” “Nothin…listem Erik, I'm sorry about last night.” “That's okay, Vanessa..” I sighed.”Listen, the nutcracker is on Thursday.” “The day before prom.” I sighed again. “I'll be there promise..” “Okay.” “Hey do you wanna get a whole bunch of people together and do something?” “Yeah, that'd be cool.” “OK, I can call all of our guy friends and you call all the chicks.” I smiled. “Okay.” “Call you back in an hour,”

 “Are you serious?!” Kyla Thronan, one of my friends yelled. I had just  told  her about Joey. I nodded. “That jerk.” “I know.” We were at Roaleia`s, our favorite hangout place. “What are you gonna do about it?” She asked. I shrugged. “I don't know. Not go, I guess.” “Vanessa Florez, ever since freshman year, you and Erik have always gone  together. Why aren't you this year?” “Because, Ky, we decided to not go together..” “I don't see why.” She said dipping a fry in ketchup and shaking her head. Vanessa sighed. “You were the one who told him to go with Elisa?” Vanessa nodded. “That was stupid, Ness.” “I know I know!” Vanessa through herself back. “God, this is too much for me right now, Ky.”


 “VANESSA! I gave you this part because you were good! Don't make me feel bad  I gave it to you.” Lisa,Vanessa's dance instructor said. Vanessa closed her  eyes.

Prom Night
“Nessie, are you sure you don't want me to go with you?” Erik said. He sat  on the bed. Vanessa had come over to help Erik get ready. He was wearing a  tux. “Erik..”Vanessa said softly. She looked into her bestfriend’s eyes, and took  his hands. “I'm happy for you..I want you to go and have a good time without me at your  senior prom.” “Nessie, it's your prom too, it's not fair your not going..i`m so used to  being there with you, too seeing your face when you find out that Heidi Noxx  won prom queen again…it won't be the same.” Erik said. He touched her cheek.  Vanessa looked away, wanting to cry. “It's OK, Erik, I'll l stay at home watching movies alone.” He looked in her eyes, in silence for a minute. “Ill come over after I drop  Elissa off.” Vanessa nodded, and looked at Erik.

Her watch went. She looked away. “Um, its 6:00, I should do your hair for you.” He nodded, and handed her his comb. She did his hair for him. “You look great, Erik.” “Thanks Nessie.” They looked at each other again. “Give me a hug.” He said. They hugged in the middle of the room, for a long long time. Vanessa felt  like crying. She had so much going on in her life. They pulled away when the  clock hit 7.” “You should go now…” “Do you want a ride home?” “I drove over here myself, Erik.” He nodded. “Have fun…” She said. “I'll try to.” They hugged again.“You wanna walk out with me?” “Do you care if I stay here for awhile?” He shook his head. “No, not at all.” “Thank you Erik.” The walked downstairs. “ moms gonna be home in like 2 can borrow some movies to  take home if you want.” She nodded. “Have the best time you can, Erik.” “Ill try, but it will be hard without you, Vanessa.” They hugged again. “See you after prom.” She nodded as he walked out. Vanessa stood at the door, standing at the knob. Then she turned around, and
walked upstairs to Erik's room. She opened the door, and walked to the bed.She sat thete for a little while and thought reminiced on how close her and Erik had become over the years.  With everything that had gone on in their lives, they knew that they could depend on eachother. That one thought brought a smile to Vanessas face. And with that, she left Eriks house.

 Vanessa sat on the couch, with a tub of rocky road icecream, and a blanket wrapped around her.She was watching Titanic, one of her and erik’s favorites.She sighed and took another bite. It was almost 1:00.
She got up and answered the door.“Hey.”
It was Erik.“Hey, how was it?” She smiled.“It was…different..”He smiled.She looked down.“Is Elissa a good dancer?”He smiled. “Yeah..”She smiled.“`m watching titanic, if you wanna join me..”“Actually…I`m on my way over to elissa’s house..”She sighed.“Are you guy’s like, going out or something?”He smiled.”Yeah…we are.”“Erik, that’s aweseome! She’s like, the most popular girl in the whole school.”He smiled again.“I`m happy for you Erik…really I am.”He looked at her.“I love you, Vanessa.” He said.“I know..i love you too.”
They hugged.“I guess Ill see you later.”“Yeah..”
He walked off as she closed the door. She went back over to the couch and laid down.
“Why why why why why.” She mumbled.


The next day, she walked into the dance studio.. The play was tomorrow night, and they had a major dress rehersal.“Vanessa, come here darling.” Lisa said.“Ok.”She walked over.“I`m sorry if I`ve been….pressuring you so hard.”“Oh, it’s ok.”“I just have a lot of stress under me…with the play.”“It’s ok. Lisa.”She smiled.“Ok. Do you have your coustume?”“Yeah, I do.”“Okay..go ahead and get dressed,..okay?”She nodded.


Play night
 Vanessa walked into the studio at 500pm. She dialed Erik’s number.
“hey nessie.”
“are you coming?”
“Erik, my play! It’s tonight and it starts in an hour and ahalf!”“Vanessa, I forgot, I made plans with elissa.”“Erik, you promised you`d be there!”“I know I know I know..i`m sorry..”“Can`t you cancel?”“Vanessa, Elissa is my girlfriend, I can`t cancel plans with her.”“But I`m your bestfriend.”“Vanessa, I`m sorry.”“Erik I can`t believe you!”He sighed. “Look, Ill try to make it, ok?”“Do you promise?”“‘I can`t promise you, nessie.”“Fine…just try..okay? my mom isn`t coming…and I needyou here…”“Ok..”She hung up her cell phone and sighed.
 “Vanessa, your needed onstage!” Vanessa sighed and walked onto the stage. She took her place. Erik wasn`t

 That night, Vanessa danced beautifuly. She kept thinking that there was no one in the audience that loved her. When they were done, she walked off stage, and sat in a chair.“Vanessa! You were great!” Lisa said coming towards her.“Thanks lisa..”“You should be partying in the dressing room with the other girls.”“There was no one in the audience for me, lisa..” She said quietly.“Oh vanessa, darling, you were great. Now, go in the dressing room, and party! “Vanessa forced a smile.

“Hi, you`ve reached vanessa, I`m not home, leave me a message and I`ll get back to you.”
“Umm…vanessa…its erik…I know your home…um….i need to talk to you.. answer…please….”
Vanessa groaned and sighed. She picked up the phone. “STOP CALLING.” She yelled, and slammed it back down. She was mad at evereyone. Erik..Her mom..Kyla…and on Monday, she had school.


 Erik walked up to Vanessa on Monday. “Nessa…” She walked away.“Vanessa, will you please listen to me?!”She pushed past him.“Vanessa!!!!!” She turned around.“What Erik?’’“Will you please listen to me?”
She groaned. “What.”“I`m sorry I wasn't there.”
“Yeah, ok lame excuse.”“Vanessa,please don`t be mad.” His voice got all wavy and he sounded like he
was on the brink of crying. Vanessa turend around and looked in his big brown eyes.
“I just….I can`t believe you would do that to me, Erik.”
“Vanessa, please, you have no idea how sorry I am.”She looked at her feet.
“Vanessa….” He touched her arm. “You are my’re my bestfri-“
“Erik! Come on! We’re gonna be late!" Elissa said coming up to her. Vanessa looked in his eyes.
“I`m sorry…” He mouthed out. She rolled her eyes and walked away.

 That afternoon when she got home, she felt like her whole world was crashing down on her. In a matter of days, she had lost her best friend and her mom. After the incident with Sam that night, Vanessa barely talked to her mom. And she didn't even want to think about Erik. How could he do that to her. He knew how important the Nutcracker recital was to her. The fact that she talked to him everyday about it should have meant something to him.
 As she laid down on her bed, she buried her head into her pillow and cried. All of a sudden she felt someones hand on her back. She looked up to see her moms concerend face looking back at her. "Leave me alone" Nessa barked at her mom. "Look, I know that we haven't been on the best of terms with each other and I do apologize for that. " her mom told her. "Well, we wouldn't even be in this postion if it wasn't for Sam. I don't know what you see in him. Maybe its the fact that your lonely and you're reaching out to any guy that you find." Vanessa shouted.
 That remark must have cut deep into her moms heart because all of a sudden, her mom had tears streaming down her face. "I'm sorry mom. I didn't mean it like that" Vaneesa said as she tried to hug her mom. "I know Sam isn't the greatest guy in this world and i know you're not his biggest fan, but when I'm with him, he makes me feel good about myself. Now right now I need that in my life." her mother said. "But why him. There must be a million guys in this world who would love to meet you and you pick him. I just don't get it." " He makes me feel the same way that erik makes you feel when you're around eachother." Vanessas mom said. "Erik is too busy for me. He has a girlfriend now." Nessa said, with a look of disgust on her face. "If I didn't know any better, I would say that you were jealous." "I am not!!!" Vanessa screamed. Just then, Vaneesa realized something that she had been burying for a long time. "I have to go talk to Erik.I'll be right back."Vanessa said. As she was walking out of the door, she turned around and looked at her mom and said "I love you!"

Stay tuned for Part 2!!!