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All For Love

All for love - baby - Girl what I do I do for you
All for love - baby - Baby my love is all for you

Verse 1:
Girl you're the only one - I'd ever love and need
Cause when you're here with me
You make me feel complete
Girl it's too hard to swallow
To know there's no tomorrow - without you baby

So I'll do anything or go anywhere
To tell the whole wide world that I care - Yeah
With all my power I'll give you the real cause that is
How I feel when it's - (when it's)


Verse 2:
I'm gonna show you I can really be your every man
And that's time and time again - Love will never end

So I'll go anywhere and do anything
(to tell the whole world that I care girl)
I'll be your king cause you are my queen
Life's a living dream - because it's


It's easier said than done to love
But girl it ain't hard when you're the one
Girl you have my heart