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Ashley A.
Ashley-An Angel Heaven Sent
NAME: Ashley Parker Angel
BIRTHDAY: August 1, 1981
BEST KNOW AS: The Teen Heartthrob
FAMILY: Mom-Paula  Dad-Ronald
        Brother-Taylor Sisters-Annie, Emily
O-TOWN PERSONALITY: The funny one and the leader
BEST TRAIT: Loving, patient, honest, dedicated, focused, comical, charismatic, charming and everbody's best friend
WORST TRAIT: "Maybe [I'm] a little vain sometimes. Too focused or 'into' what I'm concentrating on so that I have trouble deciphering the outside world."
MOST IMPORTANT PERSON: "My mom- she's my hero"
FUTURE GOAL: To be an actor
BOXERS OR BRIEFS: Calvin Klein briefs (according to Trevor, Ashley wears "tighty whiteys")
FAVORITE COLOGNE: Aqua deGio, Perry Ellis
AMUSEMENT PARK: Universal Studios Islands of Adventure- hus fave ride is Spider-Man and his fave roller coaster is Dueling Dragons

"its amazing to see our fans' faces light up. Just being onstage and moving people. With "All or Nothing" in that chorus when it kicks up and the band comes in loud and the lights go up, I just love being onstage and being able to move people through music."- Ashley

Facts about Ashley:

Ashley's mother, a piano teacher, started to teach him to play when he was just four years old. His stepfather taught him drums and guitar.
Despite his stepfather's lack of support, Ashley followed his dream to Las Vegas where he auditioned for 'Making the Band.' He sang a song he wrote and accompanied himself on guitar.
Besides his musical skills, Ashley has hidden talents. Describing his perfect date he says, "Candles, dim lighting (preferably outside at dusk), soft music and a freshly cooked meal ... by me."
Like a lot of musicians, Ashley has another ambition: Acting. Although he probably won't have time to fulfill that wish until his current record contract is up, the fans will no doubt still be eagerly awaiting the blonde babe's big screen debut.
His role model is his Mom. "In the face of a lot of adversity and troubles she has pulled through and been strong. She is an extremely successful person."
Celebrity crushes ... Which Hollywood hottie does Ashley want to meet? The lucky girl is Sarah Michelle Gellar. (Shhh! Don't tell Freddie!)

Ashleys Three Wishes:

1) For my family to be taken care of the way they I think they should be
2) Success in Life
3) More Wishes!!!

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