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Contact Me
Name: Tracey
Hometown: Houston, Tx Home of The Heat Stroke and Killer Mosquitos!!
About Me: I'm a student at the Art Institute of Houston. Other than loving  O-Town, I love to listen to the radio, dancing in my room, and playing on the internet
How this web site was started: One day while I was surfing the internet trying to find out  more info about O-Town, I noticed that some of the web sites aren't updated. So I took it upon myself to make sure that you stay up to date on any and all O-Town info!!

Favorite Links:
~ Gator. com- After you download it, whenever you get to a web site where you have to type in info, it puts it in for you. I love that web site. It's a real time saver.
~ I found this web site by accident one day and it's one of my favorites. It changes every month and makes the time go by so quickly with sites such as a Magic Trick area that makes you wonder "How did they do that?" Also if you like to pop that cool bubble wrap that comes whenever you get a package, they have Virtual Bubble for your popping enjoyment.
~ For all you game lovers out there, this is for you. My favorite game on the web site is Mah Jong. Its a pretty cool game that really makes you think. Try it out for yourself.
~ This web site is just for teens. It keeps you updated on what's going on in the entertainment biz. I find some of the most interesting gossip on this site. Now how true it is has been yet to be seen!!
~ This is another site for game loves. It has my other favorite game Family Feud there and its almost better than the actually show!
~ Aimster is just  another form of Napster, just more user friendly. All you have to do is download a song and pray that you don't get cut off by your internet provider!!!

If you have any suggestions, please fill out the form below. I would love to get your feedback o how I can improve my site to make it the best
 O-Town web site out on the internet!!!

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