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That's right!!! The boys are back! Make sure you catch them on their new station MTV at 10PM EST!!! Need a refersher of whats happened with the Guys through the last to Seasons, check out the Making the Band Epsiode Recap page to catch up!!!
O-Towns new single to hit the radio airwaves will be "Love Should Be a Crime." It's slated to be released Febuary 9. So make sure you start calling you local radio stations!!!

 Take a look at the long list of accomplishments the boys have achieved in their rise to fame!!

The Hammerstein DVD/VHS goes on sale Nov 27 at any electronic or retail store that sales electronic stuff.You can also go by Amazon. com and pre-order it.

I heard through the grapevine that Erik-Michael has a girlfriend!! :-( Anyways, when asked about it on the KIIS radio show, he said "I'm in the process of seeing someone.", and later added, " I had to be honest". Soo cute yet so disappointing!

I don't know if you guys saw the Michael Jackson Special last week. If you did, you probably were pleasantly suprised to see Trevor and Ashley in the audience. I know I was. I was even more suprised to see Trevor singing and dancing. He looked soooo cute!!

Make sure you let the guys know that you're extremely proud of them for their CD going almost Double Platinum!!!

I just discovered that Hit Clips (you know those little bitty cartridges that play music) now sells O-Town Hit Clips. You can go by any K-Marts, Targets, Toys-R-Us, Kay Bee Toy Store or Wal-Marts to get one!

Congrats to Erik for being nominated for an award. I have no clue what the award is, but I do know that it is something for Nickoledeon and he is in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and Mike Cronin went with him  to accept it.

Congrats to the Guys for being nominated for Best Top 40 Pop Song by the  Annual Radio Music Association. The awards show will be shown Oct. 26 on ABC.

For anyone who has tickets for the O-Town concert that was suppose to take place at the Hammerstein Ballroom, you can receive a refund by calling (212) 307-7171. The tentative make up date has been rescheduled for Oct. 10. For anyone that has tickets for the Ashbury, NJ show, no make up date has been established yet.

According to the Official web site, O-Town will be going on tour with Brittney Spears. Check out the 'Where to Catch O-Town" page to find out when they'll be coming to your town!!

The  "We Fit Together"  video will debut on TRL Oct.10.. But in the meantime,check out what the guys have to say about the new song!!

O-Town should have a new book coming out in October called Hanging with -O-Town. Click on the picture to get more info.

For all of you die hard O-Town fans that want to show your love for the boys at school, Wal-Mart now carries spiral notebooks and folders with the guys on the cover. So go by your nearest store and check it out.

It's Official: According to the O-Town Keys web site (it's hosted by one of the band members) O-Town recently signed for another year of Making the Band with MTV!! No word on when it's suppose to hit the air waves, but they should start taping in about two weeks. (Yeah!*!)

Want to contribute to the O-Town Care Package? Click here to find out more info and how you can be a part of it!!

Today I joined the Official O-Town club, and they have this letter written by Erik. It's actually pretty funny. If you have a chance, go and check out the club. It's truly worth it!!!

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